Saturday, January 5, 2002

Rubydiver Reunion Show 2002

RUBYDIVER history lesson 1/12/2009: Years of pleadings from hardcore Rubydiver fans propelled us to play a blowout show for old time's sake. A full two years and three months after parting ways, we enjoyed a gracious sold-out crowd at the Java Lounge in Long Beach, CA. Join us now as we check out a few selected pics...

The night starts out right here.

Before the show. A packed house.

Here's Paula backstage immediately before going onstage.

Here's the lovely crowd right before we started our set. We dedicated our first song 'Emerald City' to the memory of Brian Williams, our rhythm guitarist from when Rubydiver was just starting out. Emerald City is a Dramarama song that Brian turned us on to years ago. Rest in peace Brian.

Here's Erik playing the intro to “Long Beach.”

The highlight of the night was when Jay Buchanan sang 'Kill You (If You Leave)' onstage with Paula. Jay originally wrote the song years ago. (Jay, you rule!) This was right when Jay first came up onstage.

If you're happy and you know it raise your arms! Dena Diver is happy.

Paula Duke. Wow.

Paula Duke and Todd Sanders doing their thang.

Our elusive keyboardist Roger Halvorson, finally caught on film... Goan lives!

Paula and Todd gettin into it.

Todd Sanders - Todd did double duty this night by playing with both Jay Buchanan and Rubydiver. Time and-a-half for overtime?

Erik and Paula sharing secrets.

Erik Hanson digs in.

Paula Duke preaches the good word.

Greg Jamison (drums), Todd Sanders (bass). That's me playing drums back there. Kinda hard to see me but I get to rock the spotlight soon.

Here's a pic of your humble drummer, Greg Jamison.

The debonaire doc himself. Aww yeah.

Can anyone guess where this picture came from?

Erik Hanson, Karen, Roger Halvorson, and Kurt Hoffman. After the show.

Todd Sanders, Roger Halvorson. This is not what it looks like.

"Superstar Black" was in the house too! Thanks, Peter Cate.

Special thanks to Mark & Marilyn DiPiazza and all our friends at the Java Lounge! Thanks and much love to everyone in the house.

(Click HERE to view a full photo album of this show)

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  1. Wow just saw these pictures, I remember that night the electricity in the air, jay singing with Paula Ruby Diver gettin down. What a great Moment.

    If you guys ever get something going again just for one more moment, please let us know we will come down from Sac Town to the LBC or wherever to share in that moment. THank you for sharing your gifts



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