Sunday, May 31, 1998

Rubydiver Impresses with New Album

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May 31, 1998
By Evan Zelig

Turftone Records might not be one of the biggest record companies around, but they sure have something to be proud of with Ruby Diver's latest release. The band has been creating quite a buzz around Long Beach and surrounding communities with their often very crowded live shows. However, it wasn't until we received the album in the mail that we fully began to realize why Ruby Diver was creating such a buzz.

Superremote, Ruby Diver's release, grabbed my attention right from the first song, "Supernatural," and didn't let us go until their "Mission to Mars" was over. But after the album was over, it grabbed my attention again because I started the CD over! With nine fantasic songs, Superremote puts you in a mood undescribable by words alone. With stunning lead vocals by Paula Helekunihi Duke, the synthesizers and guitar rhythms of Erik Hanson, the steady beats of drummer Greg Jamison, and the bass guitar, keyboard, and sampled sounds provided by Todd Sanders, this album can make even the most uptight person feel relaxed.

Long Beach has been known for being the home town of many local bands, but Ruby Diver is one the city may actually be proud of! Their regular live shows is only one example of this. Upcoming shows are [ . . . ]. If you have a chance, get out to one of their shows. If their album is any indication of what you will see, you will not be disappointed!

Ruby Diver describes themselves as a young band from Long Beach on a modern groove mission. By the looks and sounds of it, their mission has been accomplished!

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