Thursday, January 3, 2002

"Diving for a Kiss" by John Canalis

Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA)
January 3, 2002
Edition: AM
Page: BW1
Column: Beach Buzz

Photograph: Members of Ruby Diver are, from left: Erik Hanson, Paula
Duke, Greg Jamison and Todd Sanders.

by John Canalis

Sometimes it's hard to stay friends after a break-up. Not for the band mates in Ruby Diver.

Members went their separate ways a couple years ago, but they still get together every now and again to play the groove-pop that took them to the top of the Long Beach-Orange County music scene in the late '90s. Lucky for us, Ruby Diver plans to do a reunion show at 8:30 p.m. Jan. 5 at the Lava Lounge, 3800 Pacific Coast Highway.

Opening are the talented Jay Buchanan, fresh from a strong appearance outside the Blue Cafe on New Year's Eve, and D.J. Bix.

Despite a huge local following, Ruby Diver split up in 1999 when lead singer Paula moved to Hawaii. She'll be on the mainland for the show, but there are no plans for a fullfledged reunion beyond that.

An e-mail from the band says Paula will give longtime fans a kiss: ``Limit one per customer.'' I'll be there for mine.

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